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Commercial activities

TeLePlus GMS. is one of the most trusted providers of smartphones and accessories in the country. Thanks to our relationships that we have maintained for more than a decade, we source directly from freight forwarders, manufacturers and large areas of used and new equipment.

TeLePlus GMS. maintains its R2 certified facilities in Seri Facility. All equipment we buy is subject to a rigorous and optimal sorting process in which they are functionally tested and cosmetically evaluated. As veterans of the industry, we are aware of the challenges of inconsistent and incomplete sorting, so we strive to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency.

With our parent company TeLePlus GSM Co. Ltd., TeLePlus GMS US LLC, TeLePlus GMS BVBA, TeLePlus GSM Retail BV, Best Sales Mobile Phones BV, we want to redefine this sector using the latest technologies to simplify the purchasing process. Sale devices.


  • We get new or used equipment directly from the recovery programs of the operators, supermarkets and manufacturers.
  • Bulk purchasing at the source ensures a constant supply of equipment at competitive prices
  • The composition of the stocks we buy reflects not only recent trends in the exchange of consumer goods, but also the market demand resulting from our diverse customer base.

Sorting and classification

  • All received devices are serialized and all personal data is destroyed according to the R2 standards
  • The functionality of our 45-point checklist checks the consistency of all devices.
  • Small repairs are performed to determine the maximum value of each device
  • After the test, all equipment is cleaned, visually inspected and evaluated according to our stringent cosmetic classification criteria.
  • 10% of the equipment is randomly selected for quality control to ensure strict quality standards

Resale / recycling

  • After sorting and sorting, the devices are prepared for resale
  • The devices are delivered and delivered according to the customer's requirements
  • Equipment that is deemed unsuitable for resale will be recycled responsibly and comply with R2 data destruction and environmental protection standards.

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